Aug 17,2017 Phoenix Gymnastics
Aug 17,2017 Hillcrest Community Centre
Aug 17,2017 Crosstown School Age Program
Aug 16,2017 Smilestones JR Kindergarten 2nd group
Aug 16,2017 Smilestones JR Kindergarten 1st group
Aug 16,2017 Kids in the Grove
Aug 14,2017 Norvan Boys and Girls Club
Aug 11,2017 CEFA 3rd group
Aug 11,2017 CEFA 2nd group
Aug 11,2017 CEFA 1st group
Aug 11,2017 Bowling Green Road Children's Centre 2nd group
Aug 11,2017 Bowling Green Road Children Centre 1st group
Aug 10,2017 Delta Funtime
Aug 10,2017 BC Family Hearing Resource Centre
Aug 9,2017 Club Royale
Aug 8,2017 Richmond Country Club
Aug 8,2017 Ray Cam Community Centre
Aug 3,2017 Riverside Community Church
Aug 3,2017 Curious Minds Learning Centre
Aug 3,2017 Arcus East
Aug 2,2017 Caring Hearts 2nd group
Aug 2,2017 Caring Hearts 1st group
Aug 2,2017 Place Maillardville
Aug 1,2017 Youth in Action
Aug 1,2017 Phoenix Gymnastics
July 31,2017 Jericho Kids Club 2nd group
July 31,2017 Jericho Kids Club 1st group
July 31,2017 Delta Gymnastics
July 28,2017 Seaview Summer Camp
July 28,2017 Miller Park Summer Camp
July 28,2017 Langley Gymnastics
July 27,2017 Westburn Community Centre
July 26,2017 Phoenix Gymnastics
July 26,2017 Absorbing Minds Montessori
July 26,2017 Edmonds Community School summer camp
July 25,2017 SUCCESS
July 24,2017 Kerrisdale Community Centre
July 24,2017 West Point Grey Community Centre
July 21,2017 Canuck Place
July 21,2017 Fraserview Boys and Girls Club 2nd group
July 21,2017 Fraserview Boys and Girls Club 1st group
July 20,2017 Arcus West
July 19,2017 New Hope Child Care
July 19,2017 West End Community Centre
July 18,2017 Sparetime Bobolink
July 17,2017 Rec n Read
July 17,2017 Delta Gymnastics
July 14,2017 Sunset Community Centre
July 14,2017 Minnikhada
July 13,2017 Parkwood Place
July 12,2017 North Shore Alliance Church Summer Camp 4 groups
July 10,2017 Phoenix Gymnastics
July 7,2017 Carnarvon Child Care
July 7,2017 Griffins Alley
July 6,2017 Alder Unit @ Langara
July 5,2017 Hastings Community Centre
July 5,2017 Phoenix Gymnastics
June 25,2017 Muslim association of Canada Eid Fest
June 22,2017 Arcus West
June 15,2017 Canuck Place
June 14,2017 Morley Friendship Club
June 11,2017 St Augustine class wrap up party
June 9,2017 Brookside Lodge
June 8,2017 Arcus East
June 7,2017 9th Surdel Beavers
June 1,2017 MB Stanford Elementary programs after school
May 31,2017 Canuck Place
May 26,2017 SUCCESS
May 23,2017 Alder Unit@Langara
May 18,2017 Arcus West
April 28,2017 Port Guichon Spring Fair
April 27,2017 SUCCESS
April 27,2017 Arcus East
April 26,2017 SUCCESS
April 25,2017 SUCCESS
April 24,2017 1st Walnut Grove Pack
April 24,2017 The Grove
April 22,2017 Happy Smile Club for Steveston Smiles
April 20,2017 Arcus West
April 8 ,2017 Coal Harbour Community Centre Easter Fair
April 7,2017 Brookside Lodge
April 5,2017 The Residence at Clayton Heights
March 29,2017 Fraser International College stress relief
March 24,2017 Nicola Lodge
March 24,2017 Bright Paths
March 23,2017 Canuck Place
March 23,2017 Arcus West
March 22,2017 Generation Daycare
March 22,2017 Phoenix Gymnastics
March 22,2017 Playwest
March 21,2016 UBC Kids Club
March 21,2016 Irwin Park Tree House
March 20,2017 Jericho Kids Club 2nd group
March 20,2017 Jericho Kids Club 1st group
March 20,2017 Delta Gymnastics
March 17,2017 Bright Eyes Academy
March 16,2017 Wesburn Community Centre
March 16,2017 Burnaby Neighbourhood House
March 15,2017 Tswasseen Town Centre pic1 pic2
March 15,2017 Trafalgar out of School Care 2nd group
March 15,2017 Trafalgar out of School Care 1st group
March 14,2017 Phoenix Gymnastics
March 14,2017 Champlain Heights Community Centre
March 14,2017 Delta Gymnastics
March 13,2017 Bee Haven 2nd group
March 13,2017 Bee Haven 1st group
March 13,2017 Norvan Boys And Girls Club
Feb 28,2018 Alder Unit @ Langara
Feb 27,2018 8th Grouse Brownies
Feb 24,2017 Parkplace
Feb 23,2017 Arcus East
Feb 15,2017 Arcus West
Feb 10,2017 Brookside Lodge
Jan 30,2017 41st Brownies
Jan 19,2017 Arcus West
Jan 17,2017 26th Brownies