Mike's Critters Home Page

Hi Mike!!  I would like to thank you and your family of critters for visiting us on Tuesday February 10th .  The tenants had a great time and were talking about you and your family for days.  I am writing a submission to be printed in our company newsletter, which is distributed to all of our 8 sites across BC, and would like to use a picture of you.  If this is OK I have attached a media disclaimer form that you can print and fax directly to our head office at 604-899-6043.  I also need the names of a couple of the critters that I can’t remember…The Milk Snake, The other bird that was not Yoda, and the chinchilla. 


Thanks again for your kindness and well rounded knowledge, we had a wonderful time.



Stephanie Gibson

Recreation Coordinator

inSite West Vancouver

Kiwanis Manor