Mike's Critters Home Page

Heath Elementary School

11364 72nd Ave,

Delta, B.C.


March 2009


We have hosted Mike’s Critters at our school several times in the last few years and have always been very pleased with the experience. Mike designed presentations for us particularly to meet the learning goals of the Grade Two Science program around animal adaptations and the Grade Six Science program around animal groupings.  He was happy to create specific presentations appropriate to our needs and to the different age groups involved each time.  Special requests were encouraged.  A Grade Two class that had been reading about hedgehogs, for instance, was delighted when he especially included one in the presentation for them.



Mike is a friendly, reliable, well-organized presenter and he has an excellent rapport with children.  His extensive knowledge and the large variety of possible animal visitors ensures an entertaining and educational presentation.  He encourages the children to ask questions and is careful that they all have an opportunity to see each animal closely. We were particularly impressed with his consideration for several students of our students with special needs and educational challenges.  Mike automatically adjusted the tempo and focus of his talk to the audience and was alert to any problem behavior. 


My Grade Two class talked about Mike’s visit and his interesting animals for weeks-remembering it as one of their favourite events of the school year. Parents reported that www.mikescritters.com became bookmarked on home computers so kids could refer to animals they had seen.


 I  am happy to  recommend Mike Larson and his critters as an ideal presentation for schools and other groups.







Leanne Sinkler  B.Ed., M.Ed