Mike's Critters Home Page

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you once again for your presentation at Alex's birthday party on June 7. He and the kids (and our family) enjoyed having you and your special animals with us so much! The kids are STILL talking about the animals, especially Meghan (Alex's sister), who is just turning 4. She was the little girl who yelled out "red-footed tortoise!" 

Daily since you were here, she re-enacts the presentation, calling herself "Meghan's Critters." She tells us to "NOT touch your face!" Meghan and Alex remember lots of what you taught, and when Meghan playacts presenting the cane toad, she tells us that we must not hurt his skin and so we must dip our hands in the water. I just can't express enough how much they loved having you there.

As animal lovers ourselves, my husband and I are so grateful that you are out there doing all you do to educate the public and to care for these wonderful animals. Your rapport with the kids is terrific too, and I don't think my kids will ever forget you. Meghan loved you so much that we are hoping to have you back for her party when she turns 6!

Thanks to you and your family for helping make Alex's birthday so special and fun!

Best regards,
Erin Potter