Mike's Critters Home Page

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much! The residents were talking after you left today and they mentioned that they really enjoy all of the information that you have about all of your animals and that you present in a way that they understand and they really like your humor. Every time you come you bring new and exciting critters - of course our folks have their old favorites too, which they love to see.

I also wanted to send you a quick note about a few of the items we chatted abouttoday to bring next time. If I don’t write it down now I will forget. We talked about bringing the house hippo, the stuffed alligator and the alligator head.

Again, thank you so much Mike – our residents and staff so enjoy every visit and all of your critters.

Have a wonderful holiday season and we’ll see you in the New Year!

Jeniffer Moore BTR, CTRS
Recreation Coordinator, Providence Health Care
Alder Tertiary Care Unit, St. Vincent’s Langara
604.682.2344 local 64633