Subject: PIJAC Canada Alert - Richmond, BC Bylaw
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 15:18:00 -0500

To: PIJAC Canada Members All British Columbia Pet Industry Businesses.
This matter requires your immediate attention.

From: PIJAC Canada and PIJAC Canada (British Columbia)
Date: February 11, 2010
Subject: Province-wide movement to ban the sale of live animals in pet shops

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada has recently learned of a province-wide initiative to ban the sale of pets in British Columbia pet stores. We are aware of the city of Richmond’s recent decision to ban the sale of rabbits in Richmond pet stores and the next step to be considered in March will be banning the sale of dogs. Excerpts from recent Council meeting minutes clearly indicate that the groups behind such a ban will not stop until they have achieved the following objectives: Ban the sale of all live animals in Richmond pet stores and have such a ban carried province wide. At this time PIJAC Canada is also involved in a similar debate occurring in the city of Langley.

How does this affect your business and why should you get involved?
• Historically, once a municipality has adopted such a bylaw, other municipalities follow suit. Your municipality could be next!
• British Columbia pet owners will be looking elsewhere to obtain their pets. This demand will encourage the proliferation of less known, less accountable sources (internet, classifieds). .
• Purely emotional decisions will impose unfair business practices on all British Columbia pet retailers, resulting in a significant drop in business
• Manufacturers and Distributors: No pets to sell will significantly alter the demand for your products and seriously affect your bottom line. What is PIJAC Canada doing?
• PIJAC Canada is continuing its representation to the Richmond and Langley city councils.
• PIJAC Canada is presently investigating all options available to us for a successful challenge of these bans.
• PIJAC Canada intends to approach British Columbia municipalities to offer them our help and assistance in the development of fair and responsible animal control related bylaws.

What can you do?
• If you operate a business in the pet industry, make sure your customers are aware of this situation and how this type of bylaw can affect their ability to have future access to quality pets.
• Joins us in making as many of your elected officials, industry colleagues and business partners aware of your opposition to such a bylaw and let them know how severely such a decision would impact your business.
• Don’t rely on somebody else to act for you.

Make sure you take action now by:
1- Informing your customers of the situation and asking for their support. Groups behind this move are fundamentally opposed the concept of pet ownership.
2- Post a petition (see enclosed text) in your store and obtain as many signatures as possible. Showing your customers (their constituents) support your position will give you extra leverage when approaching your city council.
3- Contact your elected officials immediately to let them know of your views and strong opposition to such a bylaw. Don’t wait for this situation to come to your city before getting involved. Make sure they know you are a local business operator and tax payer.
4- Prepare a letter to your city council presenting the arguments (see enclosed text) as to why they should vote against a proposed ban and recommend alternatives that would address the real issue: ensuring their constituents have access to healthy quality pets.

Mike's Critter's supports PIJAC in their efforts to stop this ban.

We believe pet stores provide a much needed service and offer a better solution than the alternative.

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