The following are the projects that our animals have been involved with or animals that we have worked with on set. If you are an agency looking to book one of our animals please contact us or if you cannot find a certain animal, give us a call because we do have other animals that are available to us.




May 2016 A series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snickets) Cages
June 2015 Walmart Commercial Box Turtle
Feb 2014 Breakfast TV Family Day in New Westminister
Dec 14, 2013 CBC News Vancouver Special Children's Christmas Party
Oct 14, 2011 UBC the Chase Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula, Rat and Corn Snakes - (2nd pic)
June 17, 2011 The Nature of Things CBC Mice
Jan 31, 2011 the Killing Centipedes
Dec 2,3 & 6 the Fringe Prickley Stick Bugs, Giant Shield Mantid’s and 3 horned rhino Beetles
Aug 28, 2010 Campus Chase

tarantuals, scorpions, king worms and cockroaches

Pic 1 & Pic 2

Oct 8, 2009 Campus Chase tarantulas/snakes/scorpions and stick bugs
Pic 1 & Pic 2
Oct 1, 2009 Campus Chase Promo event
March 2009 Delta Cable Vision Delta Cable
Jan 27, 2009 Urban Rush Sinaloan Milksnake/Hooded Toad/ Mexican Red Legged Tarantula/Flat Rock Scorpion/Albino Hedgehog
Jan 2009 The Reaper White's Tree Frog, Vietnamese Flying Frog, Tomato Frog, Pixie Frog, Hooded Toad, Cane Toad
Dec 2008 The Reaper White's Tree Frog, Tomato Frog, Vietnamese Flying Frog, Pixie Frog, Colorado River Toad, Hooded Toad
Nov 5, 2008 Urban Rush Sinaloan Milksnake/Hooded Toad/Mexican Red Legged Tarantula/Flat Rock Scorpion/Albino Hedgehog and Picture 2
Sept 2008 Merlin and the Book of Beasts Merlin and the Book of Beasts & James Callis, Sandy the Sinaloan Milksnake and Mike on set
May 2008 Bell City Chase (CBC) Liz, Jungle Carpet Python, Albino Sonoran Gopher Snake, Crickets and various worms
Jan 2007 CTV News Feature Story Gary with Julius and Heron with George
Sep 2006 Fairchild TV Aberdeen Mall Critter Show
Jul 2006 Urban Rush Michael with Rudolph, Fiona with Hazel and Mike, Dennis Simpson meeting Hazel
Jun 2006 Three Moons Over Milford Boa Constrictor
Mar 2006 Delta Cablevision Delta Cable
Mar 2006 Breakfast Television Simi with a Leaf Bug and Tasha with a Milksnake, Mike with Hazel and Tasha with George
Jan 2006 Urban Rush Fiona and George, Mike, and Mike with Sammy Emporer Scorpion, Veiled Chameleon, Chinchilla, Senegal Parrot, Blue Tongue Skink, Leopard Tortoise, Coastal Carpet Python
Dec 2005 Cyn Jeans commercial Leutistic Texas Rat Snake
Mar 2005 Deviant Behaviour (pilot) Dead Leaf Mantid/Vietnamese Stick Bugs and Prickley Stick Bugs
Dec 2004 Young Blades Okeetee Corn Snake
Nov 2004 Young Blades Young Blades Set On the set of Young Blades Mike's costume A few of the extras and Monty Unofficial Young Blades Images
Nov 2004 City Chase City Chase Special
Nov 2004 CITY TV NEWS 6pm A story on our business photo 2
Sept 2004 City Chase Mealworms, Kingworms and Hissing Cockroaches
Sept 2004 Tarantula Vehicle Toy Commercial Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula, Mexican Red Rumped Tarantula, Mexican Flame Legged Tarantula, Mexican Red Legged Tarantula and Mexican Blonde Tarantula - Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
Aug 2004 Battlestar Galactica Sinaloan Milksnakes, Coastal Mountain Kingsnake, California Kingsnake, Mexican Kingsnake, Ball Python, Children's Python, Albino Gopher Snake, Leutistic Texas Rat Snake, Corn Snakes
May 2004 Bell citychase - Vancouver Ball Pythons, Mice, various Cockroaches and Emporer Scorpions photo 1 photo_2 photo_3
Oct 2001 Dark Angel Bearded Dragon & Vieled Chameleon
June 2015 The Shack Beetles and Stick Bugs
Sept 2010 Scary Buddies Cane Toads
June 2009 Ramona and Beezus Tomato frog, Vietnamese Flying Frog, Black Footed Flying Frog, White's Tree Frog, Hooded Toad
May 2009 Cabin the Woods Prickly Stick Bug
March 2009 Cabin in the Woods Vietnamese Flying Frog
Sept 2008 A Shine of Rainbow Vietnamese Centipede
Aug 2008 Scooby Doo 3 Albino Hairless Rats
Jan 2007 Swarm Sun Beetle grub and Prickly Stick Bug
July 2005 Dr Doolittle Pine Snakes
March 2005 Growing up Different ( Different Strokes) Diamond & Jungle Carpet Python Willis' dressing room, Drummond's living room
Sept 2004 Miss Texas Sinaloan Milksnakes and Coastal Mountain Kingsnake
Aug 2004 Miss Texas Pine Snake, Southern Black Racer Snake, Gopher Snake and various Water Snakes Darren, Matt and Mike, Matt preparing for a bite, The set at Ashcroft, Backdrop of set, Looking down at camp
Nov 2002 Movie - Final Destination II Bracaphelma Sp. Tarantula
Mar 2001 Feature film starring Stephen Baldwin Red Legged Tarantula
Feb 2014 Tri Cities Record Family Day in New Westminister
Aug 24, 2013 Montreal Gazette Mike's Critters
March 26, 2013 Delta Optimist Spring break at the Tswassseen Town Center
April 7, 2012 Delta Optimist

Thank You for Spring Break from the Tsw. Town Center

May 2008 Ming Pao Newspaper Birthday Party ideas
April 2008 South Delta Leader Spring Break Show
Jul 2007 Langley Advance Interview for Pet Therapy
Jan 2007 Frog Friendly Wild Coffee Featuring Red Eyed Tree Frogs
Nov 2006 West Coast Families Magazine Interview
Aug 2006 Ming Pao Newspaper Interview
Aug 2006 Richmond Review From Aberdeen Mall Critter Show
Mar 2006 Spring Break Camp Cover of the Delta Optimist
Nov 1997 Poster for Cinema Zoo Argentinian Horned Frog, Jackson Chameleon
March 18,2017 A tarantula photo shoot fora course at Langara College Mexican Red Leg and Pink Toe Tarantulas
Aug 24, 2013 Scion City Chase Pic1 Pic2
June 15, 2013 BC Lung Association Event Kingworms
Oct 15, 2010 City Chase @ UBC carpet python, scorpions, tarantulas, millipedes, cockroaches and stick bugs
Aug 22, 2010 Kitsfest cornsnake, ball python and chilean rose haired tarantulas
Aug 21, 2010 Kitsfest

cornsnakes and chilean rose haired tarantulas

Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4

March 2007 1130 Am Radio Interview
April 2004 Wellnees Week at the Okeefe's Short lecture on pets and seniors
Oct 2001 Video by Cool Down, song titled Amazonia Leopard Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Vieled Chameleon, Leopard Tortoise, Giant Millipedes, Hissing Cockroaches, Brazilian Cockroaches, Red Foot Tortoise, African Mantid, Deathead Cockroaches, Pinkwinged Stick bugs, Red Eyed Tree Frogs, Indian Stick Bugs, Prickly Stick Bugs, Annan Stick Bugs