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Here are a few pictures of our families and friends out on "safari". If you have any "Safari" pictures of you that you would like to see on our website, please contact us.

Jordan seeing a Coatimundi in Panama
The wall in Kotor, Montenegro
Dubrovnik, Croatia Aquarium
Can you find the Cicada?
A Wall Lizard at Olympia, Greece
My nephew Riley hanging out with Parkay
A bear right across the street from a summer camp was at today in Port Coquitlam Pic2
Bob and Gayle spotted a bear in Callaghan Lake
Steve seeing some Big Horned Sheep outside of Cranbrook. BC
Steve finding a Western Long Toed Salamander in Surrey BC
Dale seeing a Western Toad on McMillan Island
Our friend Karen spotting an Arabian Oryx in Dubai
Killer Whales in the Straight of Georgis
Bald Eagle that just grabbed a fish in Juneau, Alaska
Humpback Whale tail in Juneau, Alaska
Sea Otters in Glacier Bay, Alaska
A tortoise my friends from Arcus West found wandering around Garry Point.  Owner coming to get him soon
A Grouper at Atlantis, Bahamas
Haydn hanging out with a Crested Gecko
Mia hanging out with Curios George the Chinchilla
Scorpion With babies
Peacock in Sullivan Heights, Surrey BC
Cocoons at Tropical Butterfly House at the Pacific Science Center
Sea Otters at the Seattle Aquarium
Pacific Giant Octopus at the Seattle Aquarium
Giant Clam at the Seattle Aquarium
Hawaian Reef Tank at the Seattle Aquarium
A Siamang at the Woodland Park Zoo
Jewel Beetles at the Woodland Park Zoo
How many Leaf Bugs can you see?
Insect and Arachnid Hatchery at the Woodland Park Zoo
Phlyobates Terribilis at the Woodland Park Zoo
Mike feeding the Humboldt Penguins
A Flightless Parrot called the Kea at the Woodland Park Zoo
Baby Komodo Dragon at the Woodland Park Zoo
Western Red Backed Salamander
Dale with a Western Painted Turtle at Silvermere Lake 2014 with a breeding program at the Aldergrove Zoo
A scorpion going for a cruise in Christie's place in Cayman Islands
Al seeing a Monk Seal in Polihali State Park, Kauai
Al seeing an ORB Weaver in Kauai,Hawaii
Timber Wolf at Grouse Mountain
Grouse on Grouse Mountain
Grizzlies Bears up on Grouse Mountain
A Rattlesnake in Cottage Country,Ontario
Jo finding a millipede in Gatineau Park , Quebec
Baby Amur Leopard at the San Diego Zoo
Secretary Bird at the San Diego Zoo
Al seeing a Day Gecko in Hawaii
A gopher by the side of the train tracks somewhere in Southern California
A Sea Lion at Coranado Island California
Panda Bear at the San Diego Zoo
Giant Horned Lizard at the San Diego Zoo
European Legless Lizard attack he San Diego Zoo
Koala Bear at the San Diego Zoo
Polar Bear at the San Diego Zoo
Mike and the San Diego Zoo
Aquarium at the Golden Nugget in Old Las Vegas
Surgeon Fish at Hanauma Bay, Oahu
A school of fish at Hanauma Bay, Oahu
Coral at Hanauma Bay, Oahu
Butterfly Fish at Hanauma Bay, Oahu
Crested Porcupines at the Honolulu Zoo
Angler Fish at the Waikiki Aquarium
Galapagos Islands Tortoises mating at the Honolulu Zoo
Aardvark at the Honolulu Zoo
Trigger fish at the Waikiki Aquarium
Mike at the Waikiki Aquarium
Gharial at the Honolulu Zoo
Alderbara tortoises at the Honolulu Zoo
Garter snake in cottage country , Ontario
seahorses babies at the Honolulu Aquarium
Toad at Byoin Temple on Oahu Hawaii
Mike and the Honolulu Zoo
Spotted Salamander in Cottage Country in Ontario
A mink In Cottage country Ontario
Jessa and  skink at Moms work
A Woodchuck in cottage country in Ontario
Rattlesnake in cottage country
Blandings Turtle in Cottage Country in Ontario
Declan hanging out with Julius Squeezer
Jordan finding a Blue Spotted Salamander at Kapikog Lake in Cottage Country in Southern Ontario
Sea Horses at the Toronto Aquarium
Hammer Head Shark at the Toronto Aquarium
Jellyfish at the Toronto Aquarium
Sea Dragon at the Toronto Aquarium
A snake at my sisters in Cayman Islands
Mike at the Bug Zoo in Victoria with a Katydid
Mike and the Bug Zoo in Victoria beside the Leaf Cutting Ants
Boa in the Mayan Riviera

Laura meeting a Carolina Mantid in Boston

Gila monster at the Bronx Zoo
Siberian Tiger and the Bronx Zoo
Gorilla at the Bronx Zoo
Langurs at the Bronx Zoo

Glow in the Dark fish at a pet store in New York

Emerald Tree Boa at the Central Park Zoo in New York

Puffins at the Central Park Zoo, New York

a Coyote in Delta

Mike meeting Kevin from Little Ray's Reptile Zoo in Niagara Falls

Golden Pheasant at Bird Kingdom Niagara Falls

An Aldarbara Tortoise. 1.5 years old

A Beaver close to Scott Road Station in Surrey, BC

Trumpeter Swans in Delta, BC

Grace seeing some Llama's on Isla Pescada (Fish Island)
Grace seeing some Vicuña near Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Grace seeing some Coatis in Parque Nacional Iguazu, Argentina

Blue Headed Agama in Rwanda
Green Iguana Baby at our condo in Playa Del Coco in Costa Rica
Green Spiney Lizard in Monteverde Cloud Rain Forest in Costa Rica

Glowing mushrooms found in Monteverde in Costa Rica

Puma claws found on a tree in Monteverde Cloud Rainforest in Costa Rica

Mike and Jo and our guide Adrian from the Monteverde Cloud rain Forest in Costa Rica

A Bell Bird in Monteverde Cloud Rain Forest in Costa Rica

A Moth in Costa Rica

Tadpole in Monteverde Cloud rainforest in Costa Rica

Am I prepared enough? Going to the Arenal Volcano National Park on a night safari with Jo

a Crowned Tree Frog in Arenal Natura Ecological Park

a Stick Bug in Caminata Nocturna Park in Costa Rica

Mike and a species of Racer he found in Monteverde, Costa Rica

A Walking Stick Bug in Monterverde, Costa Rica

A Praying Mantid in Monteverde, Costa Rica

An Orange Kneed Tarantula found in the Curichanca Park in Monteverde Rain Forest in Costa Rica

A Blue Jean Poison Arrow Frog at the Ecological Park at Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

A Red Eye Tree Frog at the Ecological Park at Arenal volcano in Costa Rica

A Red Eyed Tree Frog in Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica

A crab in Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica

A White faced Capuchin Monkey on lake Nicaragua

A Spider Monkey at Lake Nicaragua

A Yellow headed gecko in Costa Rica

A Black Headed Vulture in Playa Del Coco

A Scarlet Macaw in Western Costa Rica

A Black Ctenosaur in Western Costa Rica
A Massasauga rattle Snake seen at Kapikog Lake, The Archipelago, Ontario
A snapping turtle at Kapikog Lake, The Archipelago, Ontario
A 15ft eastern diamond back rattle snake found in Arizona

Finding a Northern Water Snake at Kapikog Lake, The Archipelago, Ontario

Finding an eastern garter Snake at Kapikog Lake, The Archipelago, Ontario

Grace seeing a millipede in Panama
Mike and Jo on a behind scene tour at the Vancouver Aquarium meeting a Fur Seal
Mike and Jo on a behind scene tour at the Vancouver Aquarium meeting a Sea Lion
Grace seeing a Toucan at a reserve in Panama
Grace seeing a Capucian Monkey in Panama
Grace seeing a baby Caiman in Panama
Grace seeing and hearing Howler Monkeys in Panama
An opossum in my front yard
A Bald Eagle in Salmon Arm
a Heron in Jamaica
Coral Reef in Grand Caymans
Mike at Dunn's Falls in Jamaica
Mike and Riley with a Sting Ray and Sting Ray City in Grand Caymans
Boxfish at Sting Ray City in Grand Caymans
An adult Amercian Alligator in the Florida Everglades
Baby Green Sea Turtles at the Sea Turtle Farm in Grand Caymans
Adult Sea Turtles at the Sea Turtle farm in Grand Caymans
Grand Caymans Parrot
Cuban Crocodile at the Sea Turtle farm in Grand Caymans
Baby American Alligator in the Florida Everglades
Mike holding a baby Sea Turtle at the Grand Cayman Sea Turtle Farm
Mike holding an American Alligator in the Everglades
Mike holding a Sea Turtle at the Cayman Island Sea Turtle Farm
2 headed Corn Snake bred by rebecca of Triple-R_Corns
a lizard in Red Rock Canyon
Mike and Jo in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Desert tortoise at Red Rock Canyon
Snowball taking a nap
Jo seeing the Sea Lions in San Fransisco
Baby Crested Geckos
Uncle Gord seeing a rare Monk Seal at Fort Derussy Beach in Waikiki, Hawaii

Grace seeing a sea turtle at Hanga Roa Bay on Easter Island

Grace seeing Jack Ass penguins, at Isla Magdalena about 2 hours off the coast of Punta Arenas, Chile.

Snow Leopard at the Toronto Zoo

King Cobra at Reptilia in Vaughn, Ontario

Induna a Nile Crocodile at Reptilia, Vaughn, Ontario
Naked Mole Rats at the Toronto Zoo
A Red Panda at the Toronto Zoo
An Echidna at the Toronto Zoo
Christie swimming with a whale shark
A striped skunk in my neighbourhood
White tailed deer in Mission, BC
Native American paintings in Red Rock, Nevada
Great Basin Whiptail Lizard in Red Rock, Nevada
Black Bear in Whistler, BC
Nevada Side-Blotched Lizard
A Tarantula hole in Red Rock, Nevada
Red Rock, Nevada
Komodo Dragon at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas
A Bobcat in Sydney's Backyard Coquitlam BC
Wild Orchids in Mexico
Tulum, Mexico
Spiney Tailed Iguana
Xel Ha Mexico
Mexican Tailless Whip Scorpion
Baracuda in Mexico
Curly Tailed Lizard in Mexico
Matthew, Sharon and William meeting a Ball Python
Ms Cloke meeting Freddie and Sammy
Al meeting Frodo the Monkey Skink
Sarah & Rudolph
Milt meeting a blonde
Rattlesnake Country in Ashcroft BC
Jamie and Kira meeting some Stick Bugs
Ron and and Iguana in Mexico in early 1990's
Dad, Christie and Riley in the Cayman Islands watching a Cayman Island Blue Iguana.
Mike and Massey in Campbell River watching sealions 1995
Dad, Christie and Riley birdwatching in the Cayman Islands 2000
Riley watching a cockroach at Mikes Critters 2000
Mom and a Ball Python baby at Mikes Critters 2002
Mike catching a Blue Racer Snake in Oliver,B.C. July 28, 2002
Mike finding European Mantid eggcases at uncle Alf and auntie Jills in Oliver the summer of 2002
Kelly meeting Hughie at Mike's Critters
Mom and Riley with a sea turtle in the Cayman Islands
Mike and Jay on Safari at Ryan's - Jungle Carpet Python, Rhino Viper
Mom holding a Green Sea Turtle at the Cayman Island Sea Turtle Farm July 2003
Mom, Christie and Riley watching a Cayman Island Blue Iguana out for a stroll July 2003

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