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1. How to book a critter presentation? To book a Mikeís Critters visit you will need to call me at 604 598 3649 so we can chat and find out what date and time will work for us both and trade the info we each need. Then you will need to send me your critter selection at least 10 days before my visit and at that time we reconfirm all the info and then on the day of the critter visit we learn and have fun with the critters that have been picked and on that date we receive payment from you by either cash or cheque.

2. What do you do at your shows? I do what I call hands on educational fun done with safety in mind. I go through my rules and then we talk about each animal and I do ask and answer questions with the group.

3. What are your rules? My biggest concern is the safety of the participants, human or animal. All animals are dirty so I do not allow anyone to touch their face after touching the critters. I usually bring out the critters that canít be touched first to test to see which participants are most likely to touch their face so I can reinforce the rules. I have a 2 strike policy. First strike you wash your hands. Second strike you wash your hands for the last time. This policy stands for both children and adults. And when we are all done everyone will wash up again. No dogs or cats are allowed in the room and of course, no food will be eaten. I will explain to the group how to touch or hold the animals depending on the circumstances.

4. How do I pay you? Either cash or cheque is required on the day of my visit.

5. Do you do your presentations indoors or outdoors? All of my shows are indoors for the safety of the critters. And prevents shows from being cancelled at the last moment due to weather conditions.

6. What animals come? The group or birthday person is allowed to pick the animals that they want to see from this website. Only animals with a ďyesĒ beside their names are allowed to visit (a ďmaybeĒ is a possibility) if it says anything else the animal wouldnít be available to visit. The critter list is needed 10 days in advance of my visit as the animals need to be prepared in regard to feeding and bathroom habits.

7. How far in advance do I need to book? I always recommend as far in advance as possible as I do fill my calendar sometimes a few months in advance. To book we do also need to talk on the phone.

8. Will you tentatively hold a spot? No. Iím not able to hold spots for people as we both need to make sure we are 100% completely committed to dates and times.

9. Do you require a deposit? No I donít. I go on the honour system with everyone. There are exceptions but they would be individual in nature.

10. How long are your shows and how many animals are going to come? Shows lengths can be anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. 1 hour party with 16 people or less is 9 animals, 17 to 23 is 8 critters etc. The amount of critters is adjustable to the number of people attending and the length of the show

11. Do you travel outside of the Lower Mainland? Yes, but I do have to charge a travel fee to leave the Lower Mainland and ferry costs would also have to be passed along to any clients if applicable.

12. Can we combine 2 or 3 birthdays into one party with you? Yes you can. It doesnít affect the cost but the more people in attendance the fewer critters we can see in a given time frame.

13. What days of the week do you work? 7 days a week depending on my schedule so donít hesitate to ask if Iím available.

14. Are you insured? Yes, I am.

15. How long have you been doing presentation? I started showing critters in 2001.

16. Why do you do this? I love doing this! Its fun and I like teaching people about animals. Reading body language and seeing the reaction of the audience is a lot of fun.

17. How do you get your critters? I have rescued about one third of the critters in my care. Some have been born and bred in my house and the rest I have bought from reputable pet stores and local breeders.

18. Do you have any animals that are illegal? All the animals I have are all legally allowed to be kept within the province of B.C.

19. Do you think people should have pets? No I donít. A person needs to do a lot of research into the animal they want to have to see if they have the capability of taking care of that critter. Do they have the time, money, resources and supplies required for it to be happy and healthy? If not, I recommend taking a picture of the critter which will last longer and an animalís life will be spared.

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