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Hello everyone and thanks for tuning into this part of our website. My name is Mike and I have been developing the idea for Mike’s Critters for a number of years.

I was born in January 1970 in Burnaby, B.C. I’ve been lucky from the beginning, as I was always surrounded by animals. First it was a Budgie named sweetheart, and Missy a Russian Blue Cat. Although like a typical kid, I teased that poor cat, it was obvious from early on that I had an interest in animals.

Throughout my childhood I continued to learn about animals and had begun dreaming of my future with them. One such dream I had in grade 4 was “My Safari Boots”. During the early part of my childhood, the pets and the people in our house continued to grow. We had a Cocker Spaniel, the cat, a cockatiel and my little sister Christie, had a hamster. As well we had 15 fish tanks of African Chicilids. Finally after lots of pestering from me, I was allowed my first pet: Japanese Fire-Bellied Newts. It was at this time, that I started to learn about caring for, and maintaining something that depended on me. (Well, I’m sure both my parents had to help, thanks Mom and Dad.) After several moves through the prairies, our family, plus the dog, and bird, moved back to the Vancouver area in the early 1980’s.

It wasn’t until 1987, that my interest in animals really “took off”, I was given a pair of Tokay Gecko’s, named “Silent and Sam”. Taking care of them made me realize that I had missed having these animals in my life. From there my interest and involvement expanded. Within no time my “pets” had expanded into my “zoo”. I was soon breeding and people were asking my advice. I decided to join various groups involving animals, and I took a job at a pet store, all the while continuing to learn. I became a volunteer at the Vancouver Aquarium in the early 1990’s and learned so much more there. By this time, I had done some writing, educating, breeding and was keeper of numerous species of exotic animals, ranging from Jim, my Iguana, to Sleppy , my Lovebird. Finally, I decided to move to Vancouver to begin concentrating on my business ideas. Deciding to finally get serious about these ideas, I contacted BCIT and was accepted into the BEST program, which helps you turn your business ideas into a proper working business plan. Since the course, I have expanded Mike’s Critters to include an Aquarium and Terrarium service, educational and special programs, birthday parties and rentals to the entertainment industry. My zoo has grown to over a hundred species of animal including Sammy the Senegal Parrot and Curious George our new Chinchilla. I have also just expanded into other areas such as Beneficial Bugs and Pet sitting/Boarding.

I am now are looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead and providing these unique, enjoyable and educational services.

mikescritters@hotmail.com (or) mikescritters@shaw.ca

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